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[sticky post] Time for an update

As may be obvious to those who have been checking, my LJ has been dormant. Not abandoned; I'm keeping my archives for personal reference and I may eventually return to using this journal actively. For now, though, I'm busy with original writing, fiction and nonfiction, as well as with increased activism on social justice issues, particularly LGBT equality and issues pertaining to the workplace and to business and economics in general.

Although I enjoyed writing fan fiction, my inspiration, time, and research are now focused elsewhere. Someday, maybe, I'll return to working on some of the unfinished projects. Maybe. I'm torn between returning to fanfic writing and developing some of the "seed" ideas into original fiction instead. For those who enjoyed reading my fan fiction about Severus Snape, I am keeping an archive on Dreamwidth: Snape Fics by Bohemian Spirit. There probably won't be any new additions, but should I decide to start writing in that fandom again, I will post links here so people will know.

Meanwhile, my novel in progress has gone through a couple of additional drafts, and I have simply resigned myself to the fact that a good novel, like a healthy baby, will not be rushed to be born until it is fully developed and good and ready to be born.

This is one of the most brilliant interpretations of "Dove sono" I've ever seen, if, perhaps, not heard. ;-) Freakin' hilarious.

Dove sono: The drunken frat-boy edition

And yes, I wish I owned my own home so I could paint it in bright colors as this man has done with his own.

The Gift of Metta: Loving Kindness

An awesome, mellow, inspiring video. I keep replaying this one while I'm surfing and writing. ;-)

Hope you all enjoy it.

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